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53-365: Monster Fan

02-22-10 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under mac |

[ Miss Sanni proudly presents the latest steal from ebay: a new cooling pad for her macbook pro.
The notebook cooler comes with a so called "monster cooling fan" (loved the expression) sized 10" and 5 über-kitchy switchable blue LEDs
. I hope my beloved macbook will love this treat and bear a longer charmed life when pampered by this monster fan.

Speaking of "charmed life"... my day has been all else but charming. I'd love to rewind to about 6 am this morning - but first I'll treat myself with a glass of Gavi.
*deep sigh*
Okay, enough whining. I'm off to my wine, looking forward to having a better day tomorrow. ]

© by Sanni.

323-365: Snow Leopard and Time Capsule

11-19-09 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under mac |

[I'm going to spent the evening ith new mac toys:

1.) Installing the Mac OSX update "Snow Leopard"
2.) Mirroring the HD onto the 1TB Time Capsule
3.) Enjoying the outcome
4.) Sleeping well.

Mac's program "Time Machine" automatically saves up-to-date copies of everything on my mac in hourly intervals. If I will ever have the need, I can easily go back in time to recover anything. Never again I will have toworry about losing my digital files... Guess who's happy...?! ]

© by Sanni.

310-365: Grant us PEACE

11-06-09 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under everyday life |
[This is how I'm going to spend the night: cuddled up in a blanket on the sofa, macbook on my lap, visiting peace bloggers from all over the world, starting with my favorites: The Ice Box, transition, The Big Leather Couch, CrAzY Working Mom, Trav's Thoughts, RennyBA's Terella, Starrlight, Mom Knows Everything, many, many more - and Queen Mimi of course... Bloggingham Palace is where the peaceful journey will start. Thereafter I'm going to grab a huuuuge cup of coffee and catch up with as many participants as possible... and the next nights are going to be pretty much the same. What are you up to...?  ]

© by Sanni.

285-365: iPhoto

10-12-09 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under mac |
[We organized 28,000+ pics in iphoto. Love it!]

© by Sanni.

89-365: In Love with iMac

03-30-09 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under mac |
This is how I spent the day: Coding, coding, coding. One reason I love the iMac is the huge monitor… 10 hours of coding, no headache.

© by Sanni.

83-365: Updating iPhoto Life

03-24-09 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under Lily |

9 months and eleven days after her birth Princess Lily takes over mommy’s workstation…

© by Sanni.

41-365: imac

02-10-09 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under mac |

I felt the urgent urge to splurge. Look what I brought home with me… *oooops*

© by Sanni.

297/365: October 23, 2008

10-23-08 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under mac |

I though taking a snapshot of my desktop after I installed Mac OSX Leopard and all other progz might be a good idea b/c I know it probably will never ever look so tidy and organized again.

293/365: October 19, 2008

10-19-08 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under irresistible stuff, mac |

I can’t wait to install MAC OSX Leopard…
and I know at least one person in our household who can’t wait, either…

[We both waited impatiently until each of us had taken a photo. Great minds think alike *g*]

154/365: June 2, 2008

06-02-08 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under mac, that stinks |

That stinks… oh my… does THAT stink!!! My “Y” is gone… not that I’ll ever need to type a “Y”.


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