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97-365: Kibbelinge

04-07-10 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under Luis, Zeeland, food |

[ Captain Luis proudly presents "Kibbelinge" - his favorite food whenever we're in the Netherlnds.
The beer battered fish filets are served with sauce remoulade. We also indulged ourselves with French fries (sate sauce and mayonnaise... how I love the combination) and frikandel (sausage). Yes, we were hungry indeed after spending a few hours of treasure hunting on the beach. ]

© by Sanni.

90-365: Haircuts

03-30-10 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under Lily, Luis |

[ New haircuts for the double trouble. Captain Luis is an old stager when it comes to getting his hair cut at the hairdresser's.
All the more he was so proud to show Lily how this thing "Getting a professional haircut" works.
He's a fantastic teacher: Lily survived her first big girl haircut and she even had fun. ]

© by Sanni.

88-365: Kiss - Kiss

03-29-10 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under Lily, Luis |

63-365: Dog Whisperer

03-04-10 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under Jersey, Luis |

[ Captain "The Dog Whisperer" Luis and his best furry friend Jersey ]

© by Sanni.

57-365: Censored

02-26-10 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under Luis |

[ Oh my word...
Looks like Captain Luis adopted a new gesture and an additional phrase from one of the kids at the kindergarten.
We knew this day was about to come sooner or later,
but nevertheless we were a little shocked on the one hand, but also a bit amused on the other hand.

Today was obviously themed "revolt against anyone and anything". Shortly after Luis returned home from the kindergarten, my 3-year-old baby boy and I had the following, fairly flabbergasting conversation:

Me: "Luis, please clean up your room."
Luis: "No, I don't want to. It's MY room."
Me: "Your room is part of MY house and I'd like you to cl..."
Luis: "Well, it's YOUR house... why don't YOU clean it then...?"

I did have a hard time not to burst with laughter. His acuteness (and cuteness) is just one thing why I love my Luis so much. Considering he's 3 years old I see a lot of jaw-dropping fun coming my way. ]

© by Sanni.

52-365: Splish Splash…

02-21-10 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under Lily, Luis |

[ Splish Splash, we were takin' a bath...
Long about a Saturday
Sunday night, yeah...
Rub-a-dub, just relaxin' in the tub...

© by Sanni.

50-365: Sick Baby Boy

02-19-10 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under Luis |

[ Holding my baby boy's hand in the ER. Our second visit this week. We've been there twice with Luis and Lily. We all wonder when this madness will end... and we count our blessings every day - like: We've been allowed to take both home with us. Of course we have to follow strict guidelines, but at least neither Lily nor Luis had to stay in the hospital.

As usual, thoughts, prayers and good vibes are much appreciated. ]

© by Sanni.

46-365: Hellau

02-15-10 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under Lily, Luis |

[ Lily Ladybug and Tigger Luis kindly allowed the mama-razzi taking a quick snapshot before leaving for the Carnival Monday parade.
The chance to catch just some of the 50+ tons of candy tossed from the 70 parade wagons was just too tantalizing to stay on . *g*

The double trouble has been very successful in catching candy. We carried home 1.200 g of candy, chocolate, you name it.

I guess it was a good decision to take them to the parade. Both of them kept begging us to go there for days. Although they are not well again, we dressed them warmly, layered like little onions.
Luis wore loads of clothes under his costume plus an additional coat.
Lily was dressed warmly above her costume, seated in her Bugaboo Bee, covered in a blankie.
We stayed for about one and half hours instead of the four up to five hours the parade goes on,  but the kiddos were happy anyway - since they didn't like the parade-thingy as much as the thrown candy.

© by Sanni.

43-365: Bouncing Tigger Luis

02-12-10 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under Luis |

[ Captain Luis and his friends threw a Kinderkarneval-Party at the kindergarten today.
Tigger Luis and the little cowboys, princesses, witches and Pipi Longstockings had a blast. Our sugar-high Tigger reports: "Dancing to funky carnival music with my friends and eating tons of sweets - life cannot be better. Can I have more chocolate, mommy?"

© by Sanni.

37-365: Favorite Client (Male Edition)

02-06-10 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under Luis, Made by Sanni, layouts |

[ One good thing about being confined to bed is it puts me into the position to work on the new look of Luis' homepage... ssssh... that's a secret between you and me, 'kay? I promise not to go overboard. ]

© by Sanni.

34-365: Grandparents Day

02-03-10 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under Kindergarten, Luis, Papili |

[ Twice a year the grandparents are invited to spend the afternoon with their grandkids at the kindergarten. Miss Elli and Papili greatly appreciated the invitation to their first "Grandparents Day". The kids of the penguin group Luis belongs to baked a cherry pie and the participating grandparents were asked to teach games they used to play back in the days they were kindergartenkids themselves. Since my parents were born 1944 (Papili) and 1946 (Miss Elli) they did never visit a kindergarten, but nonetheless they had lots of games of their childhood to share with the kids.
Thereafter MaPa and the kids enjoyed said cake, coffee (for the addults) and cocoa (for the kids).

Of course I was very happy for my thrilled Captain Luis and my excited parents - all the more it took my breath away I had to inform them about a shocking experience: Once again Frank had to take our little princess Lily to the ER. Our nerves were on the edge until Frank finally called and told us he and Lily were on their way back home.
We will have to wait what the night will bring...

Until then I thank you for your thoughts, prayers, supportive mails and comments on my FB.
We will keep you updated. xoxo ]

© by Sanni.

24-365: Thumbs up, Captain Luis!

01-24-10 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under Luis |

[ I could hug the whole world. The "lazy" weekend did me so good. We spent the whole weekend at home, doing what we wanted to do, including DVD afternoons on the couch - watching Disney-Pixar movies with the kids, suggling on the sofa, reading, playing board games, baking cake, taking a relaxing bubble bath,...
Luis didn't even make an issue out of hair washing - which usually is an unpleasant undertaking. Thumbs up, my Captain!
I enjoyed the weekend home with my family so much I cancelled the planned "girls night out with my boys" this evening. I just didn't feel like leaving this cozy home and go out.
Instead I prefered drinking tea and watching the snow flakes dancing outside
after I kissed Luis and Lily "Good Night".
So, how was your weekend...? ]

© by Sanni.


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