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270-365: The Berries are Here

09-27-09 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under fall, nature |
[Autumn is coming in huge steps...]

© by Sanni.

302/365: October 28, 2008

10-28-08 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under Luis, fall, playground fun |

Yes, it is that cold in Germany…

285/365: October 11, 2008

10-11-08 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under Dusseldorf, fall |

A sudden warm and sunny day -
that’s when driving a Mini Cooper Convertible rocks most.

279/365: October 5, 2008

10-05-08 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under everyday life, fall, weather |

It’s raining cats and dogs… Not the best weather to jaunt - but I don’t care about it anyway. Who cares about the weather when meeting friends, especially after such a looooong time.

277/365: October 3, 2008

10-03-08 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under fall, home sweet home |
Today’s entry is brought to you by “the view from our patio”.

Berries are here. Leaves are changing colors. Temprature’s reducing.

It’s fall.

I’m going to go against everything I hold to be true and dear now and say that I love it.
Obviously an alien has abducted me.  The person you knew got replaced with someone who desires a long walk in the woods.


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