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42-365: Finally Figs

02-11-10 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under food, irresistible stuff |

[ A few days ago my friend Mrs Lifecruiser shared Big Dig Fig in France with us. Part of the mouth-watering post was - you guessed it - a delicious looking macro of a luscious fig.
The big-fig-macro really gave me the kick. I was drooling all over my macbook literally. It felt like I could smell the fig and even taste the sweet juice.
Yes, I needed to get a fig asap - preferably the morning after.

Today, 12 (!!!) days later, I finally found some figs in a grocery store. Prize was € 1,19 for ONE
- but I couldn't resist buying some.

Did you hear the "Oooooh"s and "Aaaaaah"s and "Hmmmm"s and "Omnomnom"s a few minutes ago? That was us, enjoying the terrific figs after dinner. ]

© by Sanni.

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CrAzY Working Mom (31 comments.) UNITED STATES at 14.02.10 | 01:35

Bleck! I never liked figs. But, I’m glad you found some sine you do. ;)

Lifecruiser Travel Blog (10 comments.) at 14.02.10 | 21:24

A FRESH FIG! OH, now you made me crave for some too! *drooling*

…and I love how the light is playing with the fig…

♥ Happy Valentine ♥

Sanni (24 comments.) GERMANY at 04.03.10 | 13:32

Captain Lifecruiser: I tried to savour the fig, enjoying piece by piece. In fact, round about 30 seconds later, the fig was gone… I felt a bit like Jersey… it takes her about 2 minutes to devour her dinner. Right after, she looks so disappointed b/c all is GONE. *giggles*

Sanni (24 comments.) GERMANY at 04.03.10 | 13:40

I can’t get enough of fresh figs, Tish… obviously *grins*

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