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12-365: Crock Pot Cooking #1

01-12-10 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under crock pot, food |

[ Inspired by FB status updates by my dear friends Anndi and Mo, I felt I couldn't live a day longer without a crock pot. Sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do - my very first crock pot was ordered the day before yesterday.
After the order was placed I kept on waiting not too patiently, hoping to survive another day or four or so without said pot... erm... I mean crock pot.
Chances were little the pot would arrive until Saturday.
See, the streets around here still make me feel like living in the middle of winter wonderland instead of a surburb of a huge city (no one with brains will name this metropolis, honestly... although it is huge enough to be one).
I bet you can imagine my huge surprise when the ubersexy UPS man delivered my crock pot today.
I could have kissed him. I would have kissed him if I hadn't been too curious to try out my new slow cooker. Instead of kissing, I rushed inside, opened the fridge and grabbed some food greeting me from inside. Original plans involved cooking Anndis world-famous Guiness Beef Stew, but since I didn't do the necessary grocery shopping I went for sauerkraut, apple sauce, lightly smoked pork loin, bacon and Mettwurst.

After all ingredients were tossed inside and a few spices were added, my new best friend (the crock pot, not the UPS guy) did the rest. When I came back home from the kindergarten, the whole home just smelled delish. Meat and veggies have never been tastier!
I see a lot of crock pot cooking coming to this household...

Special thanks go out to Anndi, Mo, Desert Songbird, Tisha and Ian for all the yummy recipes and tips they sent my way. I will try and enjoy every single recipe.

Speaking of Ian... Happy Birthday, babe! Have a great day!!! ]

© by Sanni.

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Skittles (2 comments.) UNITED STATES at 12.01.10 | 22:17


Tammy (3 comments.) CANADA at 13.01.10 | 17:43

I have one my MIL gave to me and I’m ashamed to say I have never used it. *blush*

CrAzY Working Mom (31 comments.) UNITED STATES at 17.01.10 | 19:51

I should use my crock pot more…you’ve inspired me!

Hope you enjoy all of the fun!!

Desert Songbird (27 comments.) UNITED STATES at 30.01.10 | 17:58

I used to use my crock pot all the time when both hubby and I were single and had jobs. I have not used it in years, and I can’t figure out why. I’ll have to dig mine out and start using it again.

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