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31-365: Still ill

01-31-10 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under that stinks |

[ After feeling sick for over a week now, I finally experienced the onset and break down yesterday evening. I'm so sorry it happened on C.'s birthday party - at least I did manage to leave house minutes before I collapsed... and didn't ruin his party.
I also managed not to puke into the car while Frank somehow managed to bring me home...
I spent the night oscillating between bathroom and bedroom. Even the thought makes me sick again - and so does the thought or smell of anything to eat
I guess I'll be spending a few more hours, maybe days in bed, wearing a nice peg on my little nose.]

© by Sanni.

30-365: Shiny White Ball

01-30-10 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under weather |

[ On our way to C.'s birthday party, this shiny white ball up in the sky caught my eye...
could this be... the SUN??? Really? Long time no see, my good old friend! Remember me?]

© by Sanni.

29-365: Waffles, Waffles, Waffles

01-29-10 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under food |

[ Rich in calories and too good to be true.

The dough contains the following ingredients:

600g flour
600g butter
12 eggs
300g sugar
1 sachet vanilla sugar
1 tsp baking powder

Best served with whipped cream, vanilla ice-cream and hot cherries. Bon Appetit! ]

© by Sanni.

28-365: Orchids

01-28-10 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under flower power |

[ Feeling worse every day. Frank even felt forced the need to present me with these beautiful
"Get well soon"-orchids. ♥

I will stop whining and complaining about my lack of health now to wish my dear friend Desert Songbird the happiest Birthday! We're wishing you a year filled with the same joy you bring to others! *mwaaaah* ]

© by Sanni.

27-365: DSDS 2010

01-27-10 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under TV |

[ Tonight on our TV: DSDS (Pop Idol) - the last casting show of this season. As usual, we enjoyed watching the show. We're also proud to announce there's a new fan in our family: Miss Elli, my mom, got finally caught by DSDS. She didn't miss a single episode and also looks forward to watching the recall-show on Saturday. One of my personal highlights has been the "shit"-piggy bank of jury member Dieter Bohlen. He tossed a Euro-coin into the piggy bank whenever he said "Scheisse". Well, since he's known for the extended use of the word "shit", I'm pretty sure the piggy bank now contains lots of money to donate to charity. ]

© by Sanni.

26-365: Moonlight Collection

01-26-10 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under irresistible stuff |

[ I bought this nail polish a few months ago, back when "Twilight New moon" was released in German cinemas. It came along with different eye shadows, lip glosses, eye liners, sparkly powders and all that glitter. I had to buy the hole set, and - as usual I burried it deep down in the vanity case. Today, not feeling well, I was bored enough to dig the nail polish out and did my nails. Looks cute, but not cute enough to justify I bought a huge bag of shiny crap make-up again.  Will I ever be able to stop this???
*grin* ]

© by Sanni.

25-365: Snowy with a Chance of Meatballs

01-25-10 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under world outside my window |

[ My granny Anni and I watched sundowns together as often as possible. She told me the beautiful color of the sky was caused the angels in heaven baking christmas cookies for the season.
I guess one of those angels must have knocked over a huge sack of powdered sugar last night.
The world outside my window looks like covered in powdered sugar... must be powdered sugar, because this can't be retro weather... or is it snow again? No. Having snow again would implicate our furry diva Jersey was mistaken when she began to get rid of her winter coat last week.
Thus far, she never erred... Snow or powdered sugar - what ever it is - the world looks so much friendlier now. Good for me since I tend to suffer from seasonal affective disorder when it's all greyish and dark. I feel good and can hardly resist munching a sugar-covered branch. *LOL*
Anyway, I'm pretty sure the rest of the family won't be satisfied munching branches for dinner.
How about Italian cuisine?
Something easy... spaghetti with meatball sauce... or carbonara à la mama?

© by Sanni.

24-365: Thumbs up, Captain Luis!

01-24-10 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under Luis |

[ I could hug the whole world. The "lazy" weekend did me so good. We spent the whole weekend at home, doing what we wanted to do, including DVD afternoons on the couch - watching Disney-Pixar movies with the kids, suggling on the sofa, reading, playing board games, baking cake, taking a relaxing bubble bath,...
Luis didn't even make an issue out of hair washing - which usually is an unpleasant undertaking. Thumbs up, my Captain!
I enjoyed the weekend home with my family so much I cancelled the planned "girls night out with my boys" this evening. I just didn't feel like leaving this cozy home and go out.
Instead I prefered drinking tea and watching the snow flakes dancing outside
after I kissed Luis and Lily "Good Night".
So, how was your weekend...? ]

© by Sanni.

23-365: La Galette des Rois

01-23-10 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under food, traditions |

[ One of the reasons I loved the job at the catering company I worked for ages ago so much was I learned a lot about traditions from foreign countries near and far. Nico, one of the French cooks, introduced "galette de rois" to us. Every year around Epiphany he baked the famous king cake using his mom's secret recipe. The delicious cake is made of puff pastry and frangipane. A single bean or figurine gets baked inside the cake. Whoever stumbles upon the figurine / bean will be crowned king for the remaining holiday. The king also holds the next "Three Kings Party".

While he shared the tradition with us, Nico never revealed the recipe - and ended up baking at least 4 or 5 king cakes during January.

I bet you can imagine I was so thrilled to read a post over at my friend Claudie's blog about my beloved king cake. Besides explaining the tradition, Claudie also shared a surprisingly easy to bake recipe for galette des rois and some funny facts.

We baked our very first home-made king cake today. So much fun. Of course Luis couldn't wait. He crowned himself before the cake was placed inside the oven. His enthronement was well deserved - he also found the trinket in his piece of cake.

The whole family is in king cake heaven - thank you so much, Claudie! ]

© by Sanni.

22-365: Pistachios

01-22-10 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under irresistible stuff |

[ TGIF. This is going to be a calm and relaxed weekend. We don't have any plans until Sunday afternoon. Grocery shopping for the weekend is done already. There might be a chance you'll see me baking a cake and cooking dinner. Planned supper for Saturday is macaroni bolognese. On Sunday I'll prepare a traditional Sunday roast with dumplings, gravy and red cabbage. Besides the little kitchen adventures there's little chance you'll see me in action. Chances are little I'm going to leave house. I even might spend the whole day in my pj's. Hopefully this will help curing that damn angina I carry with me since the end of last year.
As for tonight Frank and I plan a DVD session. Pistachios will be involved. My favorites are those from Trader Joe's (the salted version). I was close to making back flips when I saw the local grocery store added at least some delicious Trader Joe's products to their range.
Although I'm aware each pistachio I munch will form a symbiosis with my big butt, I just can't stop. And I don't even give a sh!t about it. It's the first time in years I didn't make any New Year's resolutions and I so enjoy it. No calorie counting, no pressure losing 20 lb until day x... pure joy. Sounds strange out of my mouth, I know. Anyways, please excuse me - I have a date on the couch.
Life is good.]

© by Sanni.

21-365: Pouting Princess

01-21-10 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under Lily |

[ Miss Lily pouts. I wonder if her facial expression is genetical or if she just copied "the look" from me.
My Papili told me I am the pouting master of the family since I was her age. *g*
Must be the French part of our heritage. But since I have a master degree in pouting I can cope with this cute face. Bad mommy was not softened by this look. I put paid to her little explorer drive. The fish filleting knife was not handed down to Lily. Well, okay... I must admit I gave her my favorite necklace to play with instead. And my watch. Oooops.  ]

© by Sanni.

20-365: Now smells like apricot

01-20-10 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under Jersey |

[ My fit of cleaning continues. I guess I should see a doctor soon. *g*
Today on my list inter alia: washing and brushing Jersey's dog bed.
Her pillow got the same treatment as well as the lady herself: showered and brushed.
While she loves getting brushed semi-daily with the rubber grooming glove and the daily treatment using a bristle brush is okay in her book, she simply hates the slicker brush.
However, our diva calls in spring and gets rid of her winter coat, so the hated brush had to come to operation, right after bathing time - two haters in one day.
I guess now I am officially on the lady's shitlist. ]

© by Sanni.


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