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79/365: March 19, 2008

03-19-08 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under fun pics, shopping |

Shopping at the grocery store…
Easter bunnies… everywhere. We can´t escape… the bunnies seem to be hunting us…
Especially me… playing with my pregnancy hormones…

Buy me!!!
Eat me!!!
You know you want to!!!
I taste delicious!!!
Come on!
Buy me!


I´m exhausted…

78/365: March 18, 2008

03-18-08 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under flower power, treasures |

Aren´t the little roses far too cute? I received this little treasure today from the best hubby I can imagine. Just because…

Thank you so much, Frank! Your love, appreciation and affection throw me for a loop each and every day. I love you more than words can say! *love*

77/365: March 17, 2008

03-17-08 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under Luis, fun pics |

Luis aka “Diaper Rapper De Lite” looking forward
to the upcoming baby toddler rapper massage…

76/365: March 16, 2008

03-16-08 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under Scribblings, fun pics |

No, I don´t have any plans for getting ugly…

It´s just that my mind went blank today.

I almost forgot to take a photo… *blush*

So this is my makeshift:

A quick snapshot of our toothpick holder - just because it´s parked right in front of me.

Hope you don´t mind I´m gonna leave you with this right now. *love*

75/365: March 15, 2008

03-15-08 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under Dusseldorf, sunset |

The sky above Dusseldorf, Germany tonight - a snapshot I took while we were on our way back home (out of our car). Jens visited us in the early morning today. After a huge breakfast we got our stuff packed and drove to the fleamarket. Thereafter we stopped by at our friend Christian, the owner of the very best ice cream parlor in town. Sitting outside, enjoying the best icecream we can imagine… followed by a fine BBQ back home - I´m still full *LOL*
Happy happy joy joy :-D

74/365: March 14, 2008

03-14-08 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under home sweet home, messy, shopping |

Okay… that´s 175kg / 385lb of furniture… furniture for Hamster 2.0! We´ll have to carry all the stuff upstairs and set everything up.

I love stuff like that - but I honestly prefer to get my orderings delivered on the day they should arrive… not 6 weeks early. Hopefully we don´t get an early Hamster 2.0, too. ;-)

73/365: March 13, 2008

03-13-08 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under Frank+Sanni, all about love, flower power, treasures |

For yesterday’s memories, today’s love, and tomorrow’s dreams I love you…
Happy Anniversary!

72/365: March 12, 2008

03-12-08 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under flower power, home sweet home |

We finally found a nice flower for our huge floor vase. The magnolia is artificial but it looks like a fresh one. Normally I´m not a fan of artificial flowers, but this one is nice. ;-)

Just in case you´re wondering… yes, we´ve been to IKEA, my favorite (Swedish) furniture store. *LOL* - And yes, the magnolia is not the only new item… it´s always the same thing. I want to buy some tea candles and possibly a new penguin for Jersey *sigh* and I end up having problems to get all the new stuff in the trunk of our car. No matter how huge the trunk is. Next time I should ride by bicycle. :-D

71/365: March 11, 2008

03-11-08 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under Hamster 2.0, treasures |

I can´t believe it!!! I simply can´t believe it!!! How sweet is this???
My beautiful blogging pal Misty has done something unbelievable for us - look at these cute presents for Hamster 2.0!!!

Thank you so much, Misty! I can´t wait to see the little girl wearing it!
Love ya - mean it!!! *SMOOCH*


70/365: March 10, 2008

03-10-08 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under Luis, weather |

*Frrrrr* I can´t believe it´s March - it´s freaking cold, rainy and stormy. The only thing missing is snow. We´re still using Luis Bugaboo Cameleon stroller instead of the brandnew Bee b/c we´re waiting for the Bee´s foot-bag to be delivered. Luis even turned down the cover to protect himself from the wind. That happens rarely. He hates the cover… normally :-)

69/365: March 9, 2008

03-09-08 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under Hamster 2.0, Sanni, pregancy |

It´s been a while since I posted a pregnancy belly photo. The weather is really bad today and blogger gives me headaches during the last 2 days - so I´m gonna leave you with this today - taken with the Apple Built-in iSight camera of my MacBook Pro.

Enjoy your weekend, peeps!

68/365: March 8, 2008

03-08-08 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under city life, industry |

The local Landscape Park is one of my favorite places for photography. I ♥ taking pictures of old industrial places. This is one of the photos I took while we´ve been there today. The weather god didn´t like us, but it has been a nice trip anyway.


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