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25/365: January 25, 2008

01-25-08 | Snapped by Sanni | Filed under MaPa, Miss Elli, Papili, food |

My parents visited us today. It´s been a while since we saw each other (about 2 weeks) and I missed them badly. I was slaphappy to see them today ♥

Please let me introduce my mommy (Miss Elli) and my daddy (Papili):

The picture was taken from the upper floor. I apologize it´s a bit grainy by reason of zooming and frozen fingers. We´ve been out for a walk just minutes ago. It´s still stormy. Miss Elli´s hairdo is a subtle hint, while Papili´s hairdo doesn´t care about the weather anymore *wink*

Bonus (brought to you by pregnancy hormones, what else *grin*): We´ve had some home-made “Topfen-Strudel” with our coffee - that´s strudel filled with vanilla flavored fromage frais, plus vanilla sauce and cherry sauce. Yum…

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Desert Songbird GERMANY at 25.01.08 | 23:32

Your parents must be thrilled about Hamster v. 2.0 - teehee! Joy, joy!

On, and you’re killing me with the strudel. Next time, a warning please?!

Misty Dawn GERMANY at 26.01.08 | 00:59

I’m so happy you got to visit with your parents!

That strudel looks unbelievably yummy!

Sanni GERMANY at 26.01.08 | 18:18

Donna: They are. We´ve told them in Spain and took a picture of their faces while telling them. *Sur-pr-i-hi-se* - they never expect to become grandparents before we informed them about Luis… and they still can´t believe we´ve done it again… uhm… you know what I mean *grin*

Sanni GERMANY at 26.01.08 | 18:20

Misty: Thank you - I don´t want to compliment myself, but… well, it tasted fantastic. No leftovers *g*

crazy working mom GERMANY at 27.01.08 | 15:47

Beautifully lovely parents and dessert looks scrumptious!!!! :)

Sanni GERMANY at 28.01.08 | 01:22

Tisha: Thank you! I ♥ them to pieces :) - an that strudel wasn´t too bad, either *g*

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